NEW POST: 06/28/19 Wedding Dos and Don’ts

While there’s no blueprint for every wedding, there are a few “rules” that a lot of couples and guests aren’t aware of!

  1. The Plus One. You and your fiance should decide ahead of time if all the single ladies (or gents) will get a plus one. Also-if you know the name of the significant other coming, definitely put it on the invitation. For our wedding, we made sure to let any friends that were coming from out-of-town know that they were welcome to bring a guest so they didn’t feel awkward. Or if someone was married, engaged, in a long-term committed relationship, or living together. This is totally up to you, but just be consistent across the guest list.

  2. Invitations & Thank You Notes. Send out a handwritten note, and don’t do this via text or social media. This little detail goes a long way! Even if you know someone can’t attend the wedding, make sure you send them an invitation. If you send someone a save the date-then send them an invitation too!

  3. Always Feed Your Vendors. From the planner to the DJ to the photographer-make sure those who work hard all day are fed. Even better-set aside a table for them if you can! Nothing makes us vendors feel more appreciated than having somewhere to sit and eat for a hot minute, as opposed to eating a sandwich on the floor :)

  4. Who Does What. This is a big one! Generally-the bride’s family does pay for a good portion of things including the centerpieces, caterer, invitations, photographer, and planner. The groom and his family do the rehearsal dinner, corsages, honeymoon, and groom’s outfit. Today, most believe the couple should pay for the wedding but of course the parents will pitch in as they can. The bridal shower is hosted by bridesmaids and the mother of bride/mother of groom. The MOH should coordinate with the other girls regarding the bachelorette, and same with the groomsmen!

The Guests

  1. Social Media. This one is tricky and definitely change. It’s easy to put down your phone if there’s an “unplugged” sign or some notice saying they don’t want pictures. The rule of thumb is to not post any pictures on social media until the couple has had a chance to.

  2. The Invitation. If your significant other or children’s names are not listed, then they probably are not invited. If you’re close to the couple and it’s unclear, you can check with them but don’t be offended if it’s an adults-only affair.

  3. RSVP. RSVP is an initialism derived from the French phrase Répondez s'il vous plaît, meaning "Please respond" in French. So do that. Respond. In a timely matter :)

That’s all folks! And most importantly, do what feels right to you and your partner! While these are some general guidelines, they are not hard and fast rules you have to abide by.

NEW POST: 5/20/19

Welcome to Willow Planning! Originally Patchwork Planning, we have officially re-branded to Willow Planning. We are so excited for what the 2019-2020 wedding season has in store.

My name is Carly, and most of you know me as Candice’s assistant for the past few years at PWP. Ever since planning my own wedding I have loved organizing and planning events. I originally went to Pennsylvania College of Technology for culinary arts and hospitality, where I worked on many events including the Kentucky Derby! I love “love” and everything a wedding stands for. I currently live outside Tunkhannock, PA on a large farm with my husband Fred. I met Fred in Kenya in 2015 during a missions trip, and we’ve been inseparable every since! A big part of my heart definitely belongs to the country and people of Kenya as well. I have two amazing parents, an older brother (who’s getting married to a gem named Leah in July!), a younger sister, and younger brother who we adopted from China.

A few fun facts about me:

-I’ve gone skydiving

-I love black coffee

-My dad and I have a tight bond and I definitely tear up during father/daughter dances

-My biggest fear is tornadoes

Thanks again to everyone who is following along on my newest journey!