Our patchwork chair that we love so much.

Our patchwork chair that we love so much.

Welcome to our brand new.....EVERYTHING!
Candice Mock Event Planning is retired. Though my name is pretty neat, I feel like there are just one too many planners (and other people involved in weddings) that go by their names. Plus, who wouldn't want a chance to name a business! Well, there's a story about that.

I never knew naming a business could be so hard. Though, Patchwork Planning was one of the first I thought of months before this date, I still didn't feel settled. After tossing and turning many nights, and seeking council of a lot of great people, I narrowed it down to just two names. Many of you know I turned to some of our Facebook friends to be a part of our big secret, and I thank you again for your opinions. But after much deliberation, prayer, and that final peace, Patchwork Planning was decided.

The idea behind Patchwork Planning is pretty simple. You know that beautiful patchwork quilt at your grandma's house? Or that patchwork rocking chair that, I might be sitting on right now? It's a work of art. Different fabrics coming together to create something so unique and beautiful. That's what we want to do. Working together with a couple to create the wedding they've been dreaming about.

So there, where we've come from. Where are we going? Check back next week for another blog.
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Candice Mock
Wedding & Event Planner