Do You Really Need a Coordinator?

What do coordinators even do?

Jaimi and Kyle, May 2013 in Idaho

Jaimi and Kyle, May 2013 in Idaho

We've had the honor of working with a lot of really incredible couples. Some needed no convincing that they wanted a planner (or at least day of coordination) because they knew what was involved. Others, after a few meetings kind of understood what we did. All couples a week out, the night of their wedding, or weeks later have said "we couldn't have imagined our wedding without you."

So what exactly do we do? Each wedding is so different, it's hard to give a generic answer. Instead, I'd rather give you some stories that showcase our services.

This past weekend we had a great time at Fiddle Lake Farms. This couple, from the city, wanted to do a full weekend of events, and that is what we did. For Friday and Saturday we were overseerers, making sure everything was going smoothly, and if there was a problem (like complaints for loud music) we handled it. We made sure the caterer was ready when meals were served, and turned on hundreds of electric candles. On Sunday we made sure the barn was ready with each table set and that guests were happy, regardless of a delayed ceremony. The rest is history as the weekend ended beautifully. (Stay tuned for more on that stunner of a wedding! Crossing my fingers to get some sneak previews soon!) Previous weddings we've handled wrong table numbers, late vendors, running extremely ahead of schedule (yes, that can be an issue!) and more.

Our point being that whether we've helped you plan from the very beginning or we are your day of coordinators (the most inadequately named position as we start minimum a month out), we are there for you. With recommendations, checklists, budget prep, more lists, advice and not to mention our timelines we take care of your wedding day like it's our own. Weekend of we are there to confirm your vendors and their arrivals, guide your rehearsal and make sure you get some sleep. And last but not least, day of, we orchestrate everything in such a way that even if there was an issue, we work it out before you ever hear about it.

If you have any more questions about what we do, and how we can be of service to you, please ask! As each wedding really is different, we want to customize our packages for you according to your needs and budget.

Candice Mock
Wedding & Event Coordinator
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