You're Engaged! Now what?! #ThrowbackThursday style

First, Congratulations! That Pinterest board that we all know you have, can come into action! Second, take a breather, make a cup of tea or coffee and read through some of our advice!

#Throwbackthursday Engagement photo - By Elizabeth Redan Photography

#Throwbackthursday Engagement photo - By Elizabeth Redan Photography

Reading through some of our previous blogs, we have touched on some really great topics, even including your engagement. That's why, instead of rewriting our great ideas, we're going to do a Throwback Thursday to some of our most helpful blogs! Don't tune out just yet because we want you to get stoked for what's next. Within the next week we will be posting three blogs that are full examples of what our packages look like, in action. This means if you're on the fence about needing a planner (first you should read our 5 Reasons You Need a Planner, below) and second you will get a full story of what each of our packages are, how they can take loads of stress off you (and really save you time, and money).

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to get you through your engagement!

Alright, alright. And I just can't help to post a few more of my personal engagement photos by our friend Joelle, (partially because they are cracking me up) and mostly because it's engagement season!

As always, thanks for reading!
Candice Mock
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