Our Services // Part Two - Partial Planning + Extras

Partial Planning-- the inbetweener that can be whatever it needs to be.

Welcome back to Part Two in the Our Services series! You can catch up on our Full Planning services here. But in the meantime, I want to give you a real life possible example of our Partial Planning Package! Plus, below you'll find a few extras that we also can add to any of our packages.

Fiddle Lake Farm, Photo by Rhema Images

Fiddle Lake Farm, Photo by Rhema Images

Once again, I open my e-mail to find an inquiry, hooray! This time it reads something like this, "Hey there, I saw you've worked at our venue, Fiddle Lake Farm and though we have the venue and most other vendors picked, I could still use some help." Well, awesome. That's where I describe a little bit more about the partial planning package to see if a 6 month package, or 3 month package is right for them. I split it up in months because 6 months out, without some vendors is going to be more work than if you're only 3 months out, and have your vendors chosen already.

This particular couple especially because they have their vendors picked out, are choosing a 3 month package. As with each package, it's always customizable. Always included will be monthly checklists, assistance in RSVP management, vendor follow-ups, and more leading into the Day of Coordination package. With our couples (imaginary) wedding 6 months away, once a month I'll send them an email to just say hello, until just over 3 months out, I email to set up a meeting, or a phone call. Here we're going to discuss what we chatted about in our initial emails. They mentioned they were still working out the details of their centerpieces, and I want to make sure those details are smoothed over. Basically I play catch up as I listen to all of the exciting things they have planned, until I'm caught up. Then, we discuss the next three months and what, they need the most help with.

Sometimes, just knowing a professional is there to answer questions, and calm nerves is enough. And other times, I join in on the final walk through with the venue coordinator, or attend a dress fitting to see how a dress is buckled. I also have the chance to connect with vendors prior to just a month before. I can make sure the florist has the correct amount of boutonnieres, I can send in final numbers to the caterers, I can basically, do a lot more than just the Day of Coordination (don't be fooled by the name, we start one month prior).

Does this package still seem a little gray? It is. We strive to be as affordable and customizable as possible. Say RSVP management is on the list, but a couple knows that is taken care of. No biggie, we'll take it off our contract, lessen the price and move on. Have you booked all your vendors except the florist (and then you also realized you forgot to order your cake?) That's okay too. We create a package with your name on it, specifically for what you need.


With each package, we give a general list of what's included. You can find that in the Services drop down menu. But reading through the list you see that creating a wedding website isn't on there. You don't have time to create one, but you know it'd be a great tool for your out of town guests. Well guess what, we can create one for you!

Currently our extras include:
+ Design and Upkeep of Wedding Website (through WeddingWire)
+ Online RSVP Management including meal choices
+ Engagement or Bridal Party Planning
+ Honeymoon Planning
+ Hourly Consultations
+ Joining you at additional meetings than what's on the contract
+ Assistance with DIY Projects including, Invitations, Decor and Floral Design
+ Planning other celebrations such as baby showers, graduation parties, birthday and anniversary parties, etc.

Once again, see something not on the list? We're not surprised as each wedding is so personal and fun so are your needs. Feel free to contact us about your wedding or event today!

Candice Mock
Wedding and Event Planner