Mike + Angela // Real Wedding

In October we had the honor of traveling down with some of our closest friends to a very hot Ft. Myers, Florida. Patchwork Planning had the opportunity to plan this special day! I wanted to share a few stories about a real life wedding day and how essential it was to have a Wedding Planner, even with a Venue Coordinator.


Mike, the handsome groom has been in our circle of friends for quite awhile. When he met Angela (who lived in Florida - a long, fun story) we knew they were going to be a powerhouse couple. Once it came time to pick his groomsman, it was such a joy to see my husband, and more of his closest friends also be added to the mix. Not only was I a planner, but I also became a travel agent for our friends heading down. It's been a long time since I took a trip with a bunch of friends, and we definitely had a great time (props to Airbnb for having a massive house for all of us). And then the real fun began.


The venue was stunning, an old historical building with a fantastic backyard on the riverfront. Many of the vendors were friends of the bride as she had been in the area for awhile.  In the moment, the seating chart was royally messed up (by the venue coordinator), they were multiple centerpieces short and I, had to spring into action. I had a friend run and get fake flowers that I could style. And briefed the groom, and the bridesmaids about the terrible fail of a seating chart and flower incident (because I knew they'd want to be aware). I know there were many other things that didn't go as originally planned and it really taught me that I can have everything scheduled perfectly, I can orchestrate the vendors and do all of the other things I do, but when trusting other individuals with your day, I lose that ability to control everything to my liking. In this I realized the vital importance of having professional vendors that I feel completely confident that they will go above and beyond what they are asked to do.

Now I know a lot of my good friends will be reading this and I want to make it clear that despite a lot of "technical issues" or "behind the scenes" quirks, the wedding was perfect (and the guests had no idea there was supposed to be a seating chart). The bride and groom had a blast, friends and families danced the night away. There was a super fun photo booth, yummy cupcakes and candy bar and not to mention an incredible team of photographers and videographers. It was an absolute joy to see the union of our close friends and it was truly an honor to be a part of it.

And now for some stunning photos by Tanya Kay Photography.

And an incredible video by Joshua: