Could an Intimate Gathering or Elopement be right for you?

Your fiancé has used the term eloping as a threat, but could a smaller wedding or a destination elopement be right for you?


Continuing from last week, let's just say you're in the first 3 months of your engagement. You're figuring out your priority list, creating a budget, you get a quote from your top caterer and they want $75 a plate?! It might be time to downsize your guest list.


The number one reason (that I feel) to have an elopement or intimate gathering is, it will save you money. Now that could be tossed out the window if you're getting married in Iceland, paying for 6 of your closest friends to fly out, a tour through the country, etc. But, most of the time, it will definitely save you money.

What else could it save? Your sanity. Are you swimming in the details? It's not worth losing your sanity (and some hefty arguments with your spouse) if it's stressing you out that much. Take a break from planning and revisit your guest list, or all those vendor quotes in a week.

When I planned my own wedding, the guest list was one thing that really tripped me up. We have a small immediate family, but many cousins, and so on. Not to mention our friends from all over the country that are so close to us in spirit. How the heck do we invite them all? Maybe you will, and not to be rude but - you will not get a chance to say hello to all of them, let alone remember their congratulations to you. I considered an intimate gathering just because of the guest list. Not wanting to offend friends, co-workers, cousins or a childhood babysitter.

All photos by Kelley Spurlock at Hickory Run State Park

All photos by Kelley Spurlock at Hickory Run State Park

An elopement can be something so personal and special for your new lifelong partner. An intimate gathering shared between your closest family and friends will be a summer night party that no one will ever forget. A wedding of 250 might fit into your budget and your guests will feel honored that they get to spend this special day with you. An elopement, intimate gathering, or large wedding is not for everyone. One of my close friends uses the saying, "you do you." Whatever is gong to work for you (and make it the best day ever,) do it.

As always, thanks for reading!
Candice Mock
Wedding and Event Planner