Eight. Eight what you might ask? Eight couples, eight weekends, eight joyous celebrations we get to be a part of this year. And here's why.

Pump House Ceremony by Michele Suits

Pump House Ceremony by Michele Suits

Some friends and family not in the industry have been asking "Why did you take so little weddings this year?" I've turned down triple that amount. But eight. I have the honor of working with eight incredible couples. Four of those couples we have already spent hours planning towards, as they're a "Full Planning" service.

As a wedding planner I don't work eight hours a day, a 9-5. In fact for those four couples I am generally available most daylight hours (and even some night hours now when I'm up with Leeland). Sometimes I think a 9-5 might be easier than an all the time job. I can't leave my job at work, my work is a part of my life and now a part of my family. So for the 400 plus hours that I will be putting into these Full Planning events, and countless other hours for our Day Of clients it's a joy to say I have specifically chosen to work with them and make sure they feel that their celebration is the most important.

Photo by Jessica Cooper. Rentals FMNVR. Florals by Papertini

Photo by Jessica Cooper.
Rentals FMNVR. Florals by Papertini

I'm working my way towards my ideal client. A couple that sees the need for a planner. Someone with such a fun, unique vision for their wedding day that sets them a part. A couple that is a joy to work with (and might not have intense parents). We want to celebrate a wedding day that is refreshing. Hand-crafted, as to not be like last weekends wedding. Whether at a family property or enchanting venue. These are the couples we're aiming for. And these are the couples that we're booking for 2018.

This week we had multiple inquiries for 2018. Popular dates are filling up, and we're so excited for the future! Contact us today, even if you're only interested in Day of Coordination to reserve your wedding weekend!

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