Gifts for a Groom to Give His Bride

There’s nothing sweeter than getting photos of the bride and groom opening up gifts from each other on the wedding day…

And if you’re like my brother, you’re searching the internet and asking your sister what you should get! Don’t worry-we’ve got you covered. Here are five unique and tear inducing gifts to give to your forever bride.

  1. Custom Ring Dish

ring dish.jpg

You got her the ring of her dreams, and now she needs somewhere safe to keep it! Get this beautiful custom ring dish here.

2. First Dance Record


This one’s for our music loving couples! Give your bride this custom framed artwork, featuring your first dance lyrics. So meaningful and sweet! Find it here.

3. Jewelry


Every lady loves jewelry, and a specially engraved bracelet or necklace is a perfect way to mark your wedding day! Customize it with her new initials and wedding date, and we promise it’ll be a piece that lasts forever. This specific bracelet is found on etsy.

4. A Love Letter


It may go without saying that a sweet love letter to your bride on the morning of your wedding day will soothe your bride. This can go with any gift, but it can also be a gift all on its own. Remind your lady that this day is one of the best days of your lives, and to enjoy every minute of it.

5. Champagne/Breakfast in Bed


Start the day off right…by CELEBRATING! Have a bottle of champagne and flowers delivered to your lady. Even better-have her favorite breakfast made and delivered right to her bed. P.S. make sure to include plenty of healthy fruits and protein rather than sugary sweets.

That’s all! Hope all you grooms out there have been inspired on how to melt your bride’s heart on the best day ever!

xo Carly

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