Discounts, a bargain or a mistake?

It's post engagement season, and we're seeing discounts flying. In planning our own pricing for the year see why we've decided to hold back on tossing discounts out like they're candy.

First, I wanted to take a second and say that I'm in no way speaking against any wedding vendor of small business that gives you discounts. I am talking about Patchwork Planning and how we value our services.


Everyone loves a good bargain, right? If you ask any of my friends they'll tell you I'm a frequent shopper at Salvation Army and am first in line at yard sales. I appreciate sales, but as a business owner I'm starting to see a different side of them.

What's the big deal? Value. We want our couples to know the price they are getting is for the best quality of service that will go above and beyond their expectations. Why does this seem not guaranteed with a discount? Because if I need to discount something, I need to cut corners. It's clearly not worth it for me to work more, for less money. We value our couples day so much that we want to go the extra mile for them. In fact, we've started giving client gifts sporadically because we appreciate them so much.


Our couples are receiving our A+ services because they're paying for it. Do we offer an occasional discount? Of course. But they might not show up until the final proposal for being such an incredible couple that would be a perfect fit for Patchwork Planning.

We want our couples to know we value you, and we love working with you. Will you receive discounts from other vendors? Probably. But as the old saying goes, "you pay for what you get." We can guarantee the vendors we recommend will be giving you the best price for their services. And you better guess that if we're recommending them, it's because they're also A+ at what they do.

Thanks so much for reading!
Candice Mock
Wedding & Event Planner
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