Saving Money without Settling -- Lindsay Manning

We're so honored to have our good friend Lindsay share her experience of creative design when it comes to budget friendly weddings in British Columbia. You're in for a treat! -CM

Lindsay and Steve

Lindsay and Steve

We talked about it before Steve and I even started dating. An idea, a dream, something forming out of our creativity and love for people. It was I the decorator and he the photographer; a duo team, two for one kind of thing. My creative outlet is not only decorating but making things work and look great. From home furniture and wood-working, to weddings and all the details in between. I thrive off the challenge of using low cost materials and as much of things that are at hand to make something beautiful.

We dug a little deeper at the request of doing an arbor for our friends wedding. Steve wonderfully makes arbors since he's the carpenter and I foraged whispering willows and flowers to make a $20.00 arbor.  Not only cost-efficient but stunning. We sure did get more requests after that! Not only do we love what we do, we love the relationship that it builds. To us, it's not just a one day event but something that we connect with and learn from. Our lives are never boring, as we get asked to do so many unique, creative things (some that I don't even know how we got into). We have a lot of fun and can't wait for this season. 

The arbor we built and added floral design for $20.00

The arbor we built and added floral design for $20.00

I love seeing couples do things their way. Who says you need a cake, or a caterer. And what about a dj? If you're on a budget, you can make the rules and decide what you want. After all it is your wedding day! Don't get so caught up in the colors and cake styles that you miss out on celebrating the day with your groom.

There are many ways to save money, without settling on what you'd like. Have family members that go to church? Many rent out their tables, chairs, and perhaps halls and banquet centers. Ideal if you are trying to save some money on your venue and rental costs! Still want a full menu without the cost of a three course meal? Look into having a back yard BBQ! Stations are also becoming popular with endless possibilities like a taco station, a baked potato bar and more!

While driving down my street the other day I saw a sign for free plants. Wanting to grow my own flowers for my wedding I asked what kinds they were and the little lady said she had some peonys! Which is all the rave right now and I freaked out of course and told her. She said that if mine don't bloom this year I can come back and use hers! Outsource! Ask around for in season flowers and plan on using those for a cheaper and easier way to do your bouquets! Plus, don't we all have an aunt who has the best flower garden? Always check with family to see if they'll help offer their services as a wedding gift to you!

We've hit the wave of social norms when it comes to weddings. My biggest piece of advice is don't be bridezilla, focus on your groom and outsource. Be creative and spontaneous! Steve and I love being a part of weddings and capturing those moments. Working with each other and couples has shown us a lot!!! Good luck on your big day!
      --- Lindsay Manning


Lindsay Manning and her boyfriend Steve reside in Kelowna, British Columbia Canada. Check out their website to follow the adventures in creative, budget-friendly building and design.