Now Booking... Last Minute?

Why last minute booking is becoming popular...
...and why it really shouldn't be.

As I continue to build some incredible relationships with local vendors, I'm hearing a theme "We've had a lot of last minute brides this year!" And my reaction remains the same, "Oh! I wonder if they had a planner?!" Why is that my response? Because it is my job as a full time planner, to be reminding you of ordering linens minimum three months out. It's my job to check in with vendors and make sure everything is all good to go as early as possible. It's a tad frustrating, but even my couples who I have the honor of working with for the "Month of/Day of Coordination" many, are continuing to book last minute.

Why is this such a big deal? Because, there are other couples who have had that date booked for an entire year. Now you have your florist trying to quickly pull together bouquets for you and your party that might not even be exactly what you wanted. Your linens, need to be booked in advance. Sure, Lavender Linens carries a ton of your typical white, and ivory but looking for a particular color? You might be deeply saddened once you realize that color has been rented out, or doesn't even exist and there's no time to order it in.

And so for many vendors, it puts us in a difficult position. Should we add your wedding to our line-up, giving us less time to focus on other weddings (that have been booked months in advance)? Should we dig through and find extra linens to accommodate your guest list that tripled in size? Generally, we do. Because we want to make your day the best it can be. But some times, it's just not possible.

Booking last minute is setting yourself up for disappointment.


On the other end of the spectrum, if a vendor (from photographers to venues) see that they have an opening in 3 weeks for a Sunday afternoon wedding and they put it out on social media--you're in luck! They might even give you a discounted package if they are really looking to fill that date. Still, if you're looking for a premier venue, Forget Me Not Rentals farmhouse tables, Lavender Linen's gold table linens or Photography by Seneca's beautiful photos --- you inevitably have to book as far in advance as possible.

One last thing! Speaking of booking, my good friend, photographer Kelley Spurluck is doing a giveaway! She wants to give three lucky couples who are eloping, photographs that they won't ever forget! You can find more info on her blog! Thinking of entering?! We'll be offering discounts to the winners to plan every tiny detail of their beautiful day.

Have a great Fourth of July everyone!
Candice Mock