Hello Summer!

5 Tips for a Successful Summer Wedding or Event

Congrats Carrie and Rich! Photo via Facebook

Congrats Carrie and Rich! Photo via Facebook

It's officially summer! Welcome to graduation parties, pool parties, showers, weddings and more. The most wonderful time to host a wedding or event. And though there are many pros to having a summer party or wedding, I wanted to point out a tips for ensuring a safe and fun day!

1. Have plenty of refreshments available. Just as you don't want the bride or groom passing out from nerves, you don't want your guests passing out from dehydration. Why not offer some pre-ceremony drinks (like cucumber water!) to keep everyone hydrated and cool. Make sure guests have choices for non-alcoholic drinks during the reception as well!

2. With all the rain we've had in NEPA, the bugs are out in full swing. From gnats to mosquitoes next to your hydration table, add some bug spray, or wipes, along with some sunscreen! If you'd really like to show some hospitality, offer fans (bonus points if you print your program on them) or an early favor of sunglasses!

3. Speaking of rain, the weather can be completely unpredictable in the summer. From blue sky to thunderstorms in a mere 15 minutes it proves a Plan B is always necessary. Be sure to see if your venue has an "In Case of Rain Plan" and if not, talk to your rental company about holding a tent for your event just in case.

4. Make sure your mayo/cheese/cream based foods are iced! There's nothing guests will remember more than if they got sick from your spoiled food. Try to keep food in the shade, or under a tent with ice. Don't forget the icing! Cakes and cupcakes can't stand the heat either. Be sure to keep them in a cool area, or bring them out just before the cake cutting is about to happen.

5. Have an emergency kit on hand. From walking barefoot and stepping on a stick, to getting stung by a bee it's essential to have basic medical supplies on hand! As a planner I have an almost endless emergency kit with me at all times. From band-aids to hairspray, extra black socks and bottles of water you can never be too prepared!

So there you have it. Five tips that I've already experienced in the last two weekends of weddings and parties. Have any more tips to share? Post a comment!

Thanks for reading!
Candice Mock
Wedding & Event Planner