What You Really Need to Ask Your Vendors.

You've scheduled a florist meeting, a caterer and a photographer all in one day. What do you need to ask them and how can you keep it all straight? Here's some insight from your planner (that you should also schedule a meeting with as soon as possible).

Across the board, no matter the vendor (and there are a lot of them) you can ask the same few questions. What do you specialize in? (Or, what's your style?) What does your payment plan and contract look like? And can you work within our budget? These questions you can start off with or throw in the middle, as long as they get asked.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert at Friedman Farms in Dallas, PA

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert at Friedman Farms in Dallas, PA

For a Venue:
Do you allow alcohol? (Because honestly, this can be a deal-breaker.)
Is there catering on-site? If not, do you have a preferred vendor list?
Do you have a portfolio where I can see events that have taken place in the past?
Do you offer Sunday wedding discounts?
What is the minimum and maximum amount of people we can have?

For a Photographer/Videographer:
(This is where asking them immediately what their style is would benefit you.)
What's your style? (Deal-breaker.)
Can we see photos/videos of your work?
Do you offer different packages? If so, what's included in each?
Do you come with a second-shooter?
Have you been to our venue location before?

For an Officiant:
What are your credentials and experience?
Are you willing to marry couples of different religion, race, etc?
Do you have any pre-wedding requirements like counseling?
Would you allow us to customize our ceremony with vows, and readings?
Have you preformed a wedding at our venue before? If so, how did it go?

For a Florist:
(Again, key to ask style first!)
What's your style? (Do you prefer classic arrangements, or rather be creative?)
Do you have a portfolio of your work, or previous brides I can speak to?
What flowers are in season during the time of my wedding?
Are you able to stick within my budget?
Will you deliver and set up arrangements on our wedding day?

For a Caterer:
What are your specialties?! Can we do a tasting?
Are you willing to work within our budget?
Have you worked at our venue before?
Do you provide a wait staff? What about linens, dishes, etc?
How late can we make menu changes? When is the final count due?

Insanely wonderful cake by Peculiar Culinary Company.

Insanely wonderful cake by Peculiar Culinary Company.

And there you have it, some easy questions to start off what could be a great journey as you decide your vendors. Need some more direction? Be sure to take a look at our vendor list of people we love to work with. Still stumped? Feel free to contact us to hear about our planning packages and how we can be of help to you!

Best Wishes!
Candice Mock