Wedding Wednesday Smorgasboard

Because sometimes I don't have time to post clear thoughts...

Wait, a wedding planner who doesn't have time, during wedding season? Yes. It's true. We are working on three shoots, three weddings, my husbands birthday and a short trip to Boston all in the next 30 days. (Don't get be started on September and October yet.)

Stay cool! Photo by Seneca!

Stay cool! Photo by Seneca!

  • Today I had the honor of working with some of our most favorite vendors once again as we showcase the new Barn at Glistening Pond, in Falls, PA. A new barn venue in the area, with a classical twist, and the comfort of air conditioning and heating. Stay tuned for some sneak peak photos on our Instagram and Facebook page.
  • We have been busy with future client meetings, which we are just so excited for. 2016 is off to a great start but book early, as our most popular dates are filling up.
  • We had a beautiful, but challenging wedding weekend. We are ready for anything, even when the father of the bride gets a flat tire on the way to the ceremony. I shifted the timeline, and shifted again when the caterer (who I gave a heads up on the new timeframe) was still late for their buffet dinner. It just goes to show you can have everything planned to the best of your ability, but there are always things that can go wrong, or late, that you can't control. (It's how you work around those things to make sure your guests, family, bridal party, and most importantly bride and groom are happy that matters.)
  • Yesterday I pulled double duty as a wedding planner, and part-time help for my parents construction business. That's right, every now and then I still do construction, and yesterday was the hottest day for roofing, but it had to be done. Thankfully I took a lot of breaks (because of the heat) and kept up with all my texts, and e-mails.
  • One day I'm going to plan to have a day off, but today is not that day.
It's been so hot, I wanted to show off the Seelye wedding from this past January!

It's been so hot, I wanted to show off the Seelye wedding from this past January!

Random thoughts? Yes. A few minutes in the mind of a planner? Yes.
Hope you're having a great week!