Introducing our Interns - Samantha Strevig

I'm so excited for the next few weeks to introduce our incredible interns to you. These ladies will be assisting me in all aspects of Patchwork Planning. You'll be seeing them posting on our Facebook page, Instagram and even blogging. Not to mention joining us on the weekends for our weddings.

Renee of FMNVR and Candice at a photo shoot, which my interns will be helping with.

Renee of FMNVR and Candice at a photo shoot, which my interns will be helping with.

Hi everyone!

My name is Samantha. I live in the small, quiet, country setting known as Benton, Pennsylvania. It’s one of those “blink and you’ll miss it” kind of towns, but I’ve come to love the quaint community we have here, and wouldn’t change it for the world.

I became interested in wedding planning after more than ten years in the hospitality industry. I managed caterings (mostly weddings) for my family’s restaurant, and I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge in the wedding industry while interning at Patchwork Planning this summer!


Here are some fun facts about me. I have a cat named Charlie, who has as much love to go around as he does toes (he has 10 extra!). I am tall, which means I can reach everything up high, but it also limits my shoe selections. Goodbye super cute heels. : ( I am a sucker for corny jokes and I immediately befriend anyone who tells me one. Here’s one for you: Why do cows have hooves instead of feet?....Because they Lactose! (Unlike Charlie who has too many!)

I can’t wait for you all to get to know more about me this summer. Thanks for letting me share this with you!

Stay tuned for next week's introduction of another wonderful intern!
Thanks for reading!
Candice Mock