Introducing our Interns - Caroline McNamara

We're so excited to introduce another incredible intern this week, Caroline! She is going to be a great asset to our team, and can't wait to see her grow into her talents and abilities!

Hello. I'm Caroline Renee McNamara. I live in the small town of Factoryville, PA. I've loved growing up in a small town like Factoryville. There aren't many things better than the quiet whispers of birds, frogs and crickets in my backyard. Nature inspires me and encourages a sense of creativity. Sitting out by the pond helps me think and plan my next adventure.

Introducing Caroline!

Introducing Caroline!

Planning, organizing and designing has always come naturally for me. At a young age I would move the furniture around in my room weekly. Friends would come over and laugh that I changed my room yet again. Playing with the layout of my room was so much fun. I was always looking for new ways to optimize my space and keep it visually appealing.

As I got older and was trusted with a paint roller I would want to paint my walls all the time. But with age comes wisdom that you can't, or shouldn't, paint your walls every couple months. So, I would draw out maps of my room and write out notes to carefully plan my next design. It had to be perfect before I began the work.

Being responsible for details gives me so much joy. I had the privilege of being the maid of honor for my best friends wedding. I stepped into the role of wedding planner as she expressed her ideas for the wedding but was unsure with how to plan and execute them. Helping her talk out her vision and showing her how she can accomplish it was incredible. After her special day she encouraged me to pursue wedding planning as a career.  It was a very intriguing thought but I didn't give it much more thought until this opportunity to work with Patchwork Planning came over a year later.

I'm so excited to work with Candice and the other interns to learn, grow and see where this avenue takes me. I look forward to stretching myself and making the most of this summer.

We're stoked to have Caroline joining us this year. Be sure to keep an eye out for her on Instagram, Facebook, as well as doing some blog posts. Not to mention the many weddings she'll be joining us on!

Thanks for reading,
Candice Mock
Wedding & Event Planner