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A wedding with no stress! - Guest Blog by Samantha

"Being able to enjoy your special day with no stress is a right I feel every bride and groom should have..." Love Samantha's insight to her internship so far! Read on for more tips and stories!

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Tips From Your Caterer - Guest Blog

As in any good relationship communication is key; and it holds true as well when talking about the relationship between the bride and groom, and the desired caterer they wish to book for their wedding.  Any wedding caterer could tell you the list is endless for the problems they have encountered, or the tasks they’ve taken on at a catering event due to a lack of communication.


Today we have our intern Samantha posting from her experience on the catering side of things. Take a look at her simple suggestions that can help save you time, and money as you decide on your caterer!

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Defining Success // Back to the Basics //semi-personal post.

Recently I've found myself asking some uncomfortable questions like, "What does success mean to me?" or "How closely is my identity tied in with Patchwork Planning?" Things that I wouldn't normally ask myself. I mean, who wants to answer them?

After three shoots in three weeks, with other days filled with meetings, answering e-mails, phone calls and other real life things, I can finally have a break. But in this downtime, I've noticed that I'm catching myself thinking, "am I doing enough? Is there something else I should be doing?" Because this break, to me, if I'm not doing anything, am I not being as successful as I am when I'm busy?

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