Why Patchwork Planning?

Do we make quilts? No. Not so much.

Evan and I on the left, Renee and Derek of Forget Me Not Vintage Rentals at our recent shoot.

Evan and I on the left, Renee and Derek of Forget Me Not Vintage Rentals at our recent shoot.

I've been talking a lot about our name this week because it's truly become a part of who we are as a planning company. Last week many of you know we did a photo shoot, with over 25 vendors. That's 25 other individuals, whether it was photographers, Etsy sellers, a florist, etc. Without them, the shoot would not have been as beautiful as it could've been. It was a dream seeing so many incredible people work together, doing something that they enjoyed, for the fun of it. Not that weddings, or events aren't fun, but there's a lot less stress doing a "mock event" than someones actual wedding day.

What does that have to do with our name? If you Google image patchwork, you'll see numerous photos of fabric scraps that come together to make something as a whole, beautiful. I love community. Connecting with others makes me so happy as we realize #communityovercompetition, and that we can make each other better in our business. That's what I see for us. As a planner, I can organize, send out timelines, introduce myself to your vendors. But without their help, your photographer, your florist, etc, it's truly not as special as it could be.

I'm very excited for the direction we are going as we keep connecting with others. Be sure to head over to our Friends page as the list keeps getting longer of those we love to work with. We are also stoked for some incredible upcoming opportunities with Photography by Seneca, and Forget Me Not Vintage Rentals! If you're a wedding professional in the area and want to see what #communityovercompetition really means, get in touch with me and I'll be more than happy to share my heart on it.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!
Candice Mock!